A woman staring at her mobile phone. The future is bright for businesses that can ride the digital wave.

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Key trends and opportunities in a new era for marketing services

The future looks bright for brands and marketers that can ride the digital ‘wave’ and deliver solutions

For this report, we’ve canvassed the views of some prominent marketing services leaders to provide insights into the long-term trends impacting how brands engage with their audiences.

What these conversations have demonstrated is that marketing services agencies and their client brands have every reason to look forward with confidence – that is, if they can stay ahead of continuing technological developments and changing consumer expectations

It’s clear from talking to our clients in the marketing services sector that one of the biggest opportunities for brands is harnessing the power of data generated by the ever-increasing online activity of consumers.

At the same time, an emerging challenge arises from growing unease among consumers about online tracking by third party cookies and the impending changes to privacy regulations in response to those concerns. Brands will be increasingly looking to their agencies to maximise the value of their first-party customer data.

Lorraine Ruckstuhl

Lorraine Ruckstuhl
Head of Technology, Media & Telecomms – Barclays Mid Corporate

Seizing the opportunities ahead

Putting digital first

High-quality, personalised digital customer experience can help deliver against the growing consumer expectations in an ever-growing digital.

Power of customer data

Embracing data science to find the insights into customer behaviour can help brands get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Embracing ESG

People power is the driver as businesses re-examine their priorities, their impact on society and their relationship with stakeholders.

Engaging a broader audience

Brands need to create messaging that is accessible to a much wider stakeholder base.

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