The South Grand Island bridge in New York. The Barclays regional heads reveal their outlook for 2022

2023 Outlook

Our Industry and Regional Heads look back on 2022 and share their thoughts on what challenges and opportunities businesses can expect in the coming year.

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January 2023


2023 Sector Outlook


With charities having demonstrated remarkable resilience during the pandemic, our Head of Charites, Nazreen Visram, considers how they will fare in this year’s difficult economic and social climate.

2023 Sector Outlook


Our Head of Education, Richard Robinson, is confident in the strength of the sector despite uncertainties around public funding in difficult economic times.

2023 Sector Outlook


Steve Fergus, our Head of Healthcare, is optimistic that despite the recessionary economic backdrop there are opportunities for growth in the sector in 2023.

2023 Sector Outlook

Hospitality and Leisure

Our Head of Hospitality and Leisure, Mike Saul, explores what lies in store for the sector in 2023 with the cost-of-living crisis continuing to impact consumer confidence.

2023 Sector Outlook

Local Authorities

The one-year funding package will help local authorities face tough challenges this year, but the lack of a longer-term strategic solution to financing hampers forward planning, says Julian Batson, our Head of Government and Local Authorities.

2023 Sector Outlook

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

The majority of MTL businesses have the strength and resilience to face turbulent times ahead and exploit any potential openings that come their way, says Lee Collinson, our Head of Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics.

2023 Sector Outlook

Business and Professional Services

Our Head of Business and Professional Services, James Morris, sees opportunities in digitalisation and greater workforce diversity but also challenges in meeting recessionary pressures.

2023 Sector Outlook

Real Estate

The real estate sector has proven resilient in an uncertain economic landscape. Jason Constable, our Head of Real Estate, explores what 2023 looks like for the industry and finds there’s still plenty to be positive about.

2023 Sector Outlook

Retail and Wholesale

Karen Johnson, Head of Retail and Wholesale, looks back over a year of two halves in 2022 and considers the opportunities this year for businesses to build sustainable models and embrace data.

2023 Sector Outlook

Social Housing

The sector has been successfully weathering the headwinds of inflation, economic uncertainty and geopolitical instability, and its own unique challenges. Dave Cassidy, our Head of Social Housing, remains positive about the sector’s continuing resilience during 2023.

2023 Sector Outlook

Technology, Media and Telecoms

Our Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms, Helena Sans, explores some of the key forces likely to shape the sector this year, not least its journey to net zero.


2023 Sector Outlook

London and South East

Many SMEs in and around the capital are feeling upbeat about 2023, having assessed the task ahead and developed strategies to get through it, says Irana Richards, our Head of Mid Corporate, London and South East.

2023 Sector Outlook


Whilst this year is going to be challenging for many businesses in the Eastern Region, a combination of prudent cashflow management, confident leadership and ambition could still deliver growth for some SMEs argues Stephen Ainsworth, our Head of Mid-Corporate, Eastern Region.

2023 Sector Outlook

Mid Corporate

There are still plenty of reasons for confidence about the prospects ahead for SMEs, despite the headwinds of a UK recession, say our Co-Heads of Mid-Corporate, Paul Kempster and Andrea Delay.

2023 Sector Outlook


SMEs in the region have never been more agile in their thinking and are in good shape to tackle the challenges and benefit from new opportunities in 2023, says our Head of Mid Corporate, Midlands, Karen Thomas.

2023 Sector Outlook


There are still plenty of reasons for SMEs in the North to be cautiously optimistic about 2023, says Debbie Mullen, our Head of Mid Corporate, North.

2023 Sector Outlook

Northern Ireland

Adrian Doran, our Head of Corporate Banking in Northern Ireland, believes 2023 could be the year businesses decide to return to investing in their future.

2023 Sector Outlook


Jamie Grant, our Managing Director for Scotland, believes good management and strong liquidity will see businesses through the present trading challenges and help them seize the opportunities ahead.

2023 Sector Outlook

Wales, South West and South

Businesses face a tough year ahead, but they are well positioned to weather it and make the most of potential growth opportunities, explains our Head of Mid-Corporate in the South of England and South Wales.

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