Green Frontiers

30 September 2018

Barclays’ first green finance conference highlighted the impact of climate change on business and the benefits of investing in the low carbon economy.

Green Finance conference

Speakers from business, finance and government came together for Barclays’ first green finance conference to discuss how accelerating green finance and investing in the low carbon economy could create a world that is better for everyone.

It was said that despite the greater interest in green finance and issuance of significantly more corporate green bonds, investors and consultants could all play a larger role in engaging with companies and customers around decarbonisation.

Daniel Epstein, CEO of the Unreasonable Group, highlighted the inclusivity of sustainability to many business sectors stating, “the green economy is the new economy”. Find out how you can seize the opportunity and manage your business, as well as your individual, transition to a lower-carbon strategy.

Read the highlights of Barclays' first green finance conference PDF 1.08MB †


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