Funding Expansion

26 June 2015

How can Asset Finance and Asset-Based Lending be used as alternatives, or complementary approaches, to funding through traditional loans or overdrafts?

Finance business assets

Asset Finance and Asset-Based Lending volumes are reaching new highs, largely driven by business expansion plans instead of the replacement of traditional loans or overdrafts.

UK companies raised £25.4bn1 in Asset Finance in 2014 – borrowing against a business’s non-property physical assets, according to the Finance & Leasing Association. Asset-Based Lending, which provides funding against assets such as receivables and inventory, reached a record £19.4bn in September 2014 according to the Asset Based Finance Association.

Barclays expects healthy increases in new business growth in these flexible forms of funding for 2015 as Asset-Based Lending and Asset Finance continue into the mainstream in the UK.

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