Asset Based Lending Insights

Asset Based Lending Insights bring together our regional experts to provide an overview on the Asset Based Lending solutions we’re providing for businesses across the UK. Scroll down, to learn more about what they have to say.

UK & Ireland

Paul Woodward, Head of UK & Ireland Large Corporate ABL team highlights the impact our Asset Based Lending team has had across the country.

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London & Eastern

Nick Littleford, Head of Receivables Origination, provides insight into our Asset Based Lending solutions in London and Eastern regions.

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North West

Neil Dobson, Business Development Manager for the North West explains the benefits Asset Based Lending has for businesses in the region.

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Scotland & Northern Ireland

Hear from Mike Kempton-Smith, Business Development Manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland on how we’re providing Asset Based Lending services in these areas.

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South West

Lynn Metcalfe, Business Development Manager for the South West gives insight into how we’re helping businesses with Asset Based Lending services.

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David Lett, Business Development Manager for the Midlands outlines our approach as an ABL provider in helping understand businesses and providing flexible business packaging facilities linked to funding requirements.

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South East

Andrew Dillon, Business Development Manager for the South East highlights how UK organisations are turning to Asset Based Lending to quickly respond to casual challenges as well as new business opportunities.

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Neil Sturgeon, Business Development Manager for the London region explains how ABL teams work with customers to understand their trade life cycle, relative working capital and the solutions that are available for their businesses.

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