Supporting international exports in the new normal

Supporting international exports in the new normal

GTR and Barclays bring together trade and export experts to examine the effect recent disruptive events are having on global exporters.

The impact of recent disruptive events, including geopolitical tensions, the pandemic and climate-related risks, on global supply chains and supplier relationships have been well-documented. In this roundtable discussion, GTR and Barclays bring together trade and export experts to examine the effect such events are having on global exporters in terms of their ability to trade internationally, their export markets, and their access to finance and support. 

Roundtable participants:

  • James Binns, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, Barclays
  • Rebecca Harding, Independent Economist and CEO, Coriolis Technologies
  • Sam Lowe, Partner, Flint Global
  • Tim Reid, Director, Head of Business Group, UK Export Finance
  • Shannon Manders, editorial director, GTR (moderator) 

We’re in the midst of a new era of trade which has become increasingly entangled with geopolitics. At the same time, we’re seeing a drive towards economic nationalism. What does that mean for globalisation and multilateralism? What are the risks to global trade and export flows?

As trade relationships break down in some parts of the world, and are built up in others, what impact does this have on the exporting community? How does this affect their ability to trade internationally? 

Has the situation changed the type of support that exporters need from their governments and financiers? What is the role that export credit agencies (ECAs) play in this new environment? 

As the UK negotiates new trade deals, how important are they? What tangible benefits do they bring to the exporting community?

Going forward, what are the trends that will help drive a more inclusive model for global trade? What can institutions such as the ones you represent do to facilitate this?


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