A cargo ship docked at a port of call. Exporters continue to face challenges from COVID and Brexit

Charting a new course: The future of UK exports and export finance

Having been profoundly shaken by the combined impact of the pandemic and Brexit, UK exporters continue to face significant trade challenges. As companies rethink and recalibrate their export strategies and supply chains, there is an increased focus on ESG performance and an opportunity to build back not only better, but cleaner and greener.

In mid-November, GTR and Barclays gathered top trade experts for a virtual roundtable discussion to address the crucial issues impacting the export and export finance market, the route to export recovery and growth in a more sustainable environment, and the role of the financial sector in keeping trade flowing.

Roundtable participants:

  • Buta Atwal, CEO of Wrightbus and Ryse Hydrogen
  • James Binns, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, Barclays
  • Marco Forgione, Director General of the Institute of Export & International Trade
  • Louis Taylor, CEO of UK Export Finance
  • Shannon Manders, Editorial Director, GTR (moderator)

GTR: How are the well-documented disruptions brought about by Brexit and the pandemic impacting the way UK companies shape their export and supply chain strategies? What effect are we likely to see in terms of export flows going forward? How can the financial industry support with this?

GTR: How has the landscape of export finance evolved in terms of ECA support and availability of funding?

GTR: What has been the impact of the recent sharper focus on ESG on UK export flows and export financing? What role can export finance can play in boosting the ESG agenda?

GTR: Moving on to another dominant narrative: what effect are trade digitisation efforts having on export flows and export financing?

GTR: How do you see the export finance landscape evolving into the future, over the next five years?

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