Digital trade: the next frontier

Digital trade: the next frontier

Digital solutions have proven to be the way forward in the trade finance industry, but given the plethora of networks, platforms and consortia, the market has become increasingly fragmented.

GTR and Barclays gathered financial technology experts to discuss the benefits of shared infrastructure and a community-driven approach, the need for enhanced connectivity and interoperability, and what the future of fintech and bank collaboration might look like.

Roundtable participants:

  • James Binns, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, Barclays
  • André Casterman, Founder and Managing Director, Casterman Advisory, and Chair of Fintech Committee, International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA)
  • Patrick DeVilbiss, Director and Senior Offering Manager, Trade and Supply Chain Solutions, CGI
  • Shannon Manders, Editorial Director, GTR (moderator)

With the pandemic having accelerated the take up of digitised financing solutions, where are we now as we move through the third year dealing with Covid-19? How is the situation today impacting on banks’ digital strategies, and where are they looking to create value?

How are tools such as APIs driving efficiency and interoperability and removing friction points within the trade finance ecosystem? What are the benefits of this approach?

How are fintechs like CGI exploring and commercialising innovations in partnership with their clients, as well as with other fintechs, and working together to shape the next generation of trade finance?

What does the next frontier of trade finance bank and fintech collaboration look like? Where do we want to get to?


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