Digital disruption in treasury

23 July 2019

In our new series we look at the new technologies, such as APIs and machine learning, set to drive change and disruption for corporate treasurers.

We are now at a time where digital innovation in treasury is no longer theoretical, but one that is fast showing practical implications on how systems and processes can be taken advantage of and efficiencies found.

Emerging technologies such as APIs, machine learning, and open banking are set to drive change and disruption for treasurers.

But how do some of these innovations actually work and how can they create the new working practices and efficiencies we’ll see become commonplace in the treasury department of the near future.

What does digital banking mean for treasurers?

We discuss what the many digital buzzwords actually mean for treasurers, and what treasurers themselves might be looking for with this new technology.

How are APIs and real time connectivity creating change?

Application programming interfaces aren’t a new technology but their use in the finance sector is, and big opportunities await.


APIs: what are they and why they matter to corporates

As APIs play an increasingly significant role in facilitating Open Banking,  corporates should understand the importance of APIs and why they matter.


Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Contemplating using Artificial Intelligence? We unpack the key considerations for businesses wishing to use this new technology to drive profit and accelerate internal processes.