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Trading and exporting

Discover articles, research and videos on a range of topics to help your import and export business including information on trade and working capital, supplier finance, cash flow management, new markets and global trade.

January 2017

In an environment with an ever-shifting backdrop and many unknowns, our article looks at what we do know about the economic and trade landscape post-Brexit, and explores some of the tools and support available for corporates involved in international trade.

November 2016

Our cultural closeness to the US offers opportunity for UK corporates considering trading with new markets says Andrew Holmes from Barclays in New York. We explore why your business might ‘Go West’.

November 2016

Expanding into new markets has many challenges. Hear from our commentators about how you can plan for and manage the risks to achieve success.

October 2016

UK businesses are prioritising the management of their supply chains in order to protect profit margins. Our webinar discusses the findings from the recent Barclays survey into Retail supply chains as well as looking at some key market trends.

September 2016

With the Brexit decision comes the chance to explore new markets for exports and internal investment. Find out why the Chinese opportunity could be a big one.

China Shanghai skyline at dusk. Link to article about trading with China

September 2016

Trade finance is going through a revolution. New technologies and innovative companies are energising traditional players, transforming their offerings and pulling trade into the 21st century. Barclays is at the forefront of developments in using blockchain technology to transform trade transactions.

Image of a ship.

June 2016

Listen to our Trade & Working Capital webinars, covering a range of topics including the support available to exporters and the challenges and opportunities offered by doing business in China.

Image of a metal globe.

June 2016

Supplier Finance is designed to provide greater transparency between corporates and their supply chain, allowing for better cash flow management, efficient procurement practices and more harmonious relationships.

The partnership between Barclays and platform provider PrimeRevenue has combined Barclays’ expertise in financing for corporates with some of the market’s leading technology.

April 2016

Identifying and managing risk is important when exploring international opportunities. Barclays, UKTI and client Kubach & Sambrook explore some of the solutions and support available to manage the challenges faced by corporates who are planning to move into new export markets.

Image of machinery exported to Africa.

April 2016

The expertise and finance required to make that first move into overseas markets can seem daunting with a number of challenges to be faced. As the saying goes, “An export isn’t an export until you’ve been paid”. But there is plenty of support available to help you put the right foundations in place.

Two people preparing a cargo for export.

April 2016

To succeed in overseas markets, you need an informed trading strategy, the right management team and the operations capacity in place. You can help to ensure you are ready to make the most of opportunities by tapping into the UK Government’s support programmes and exploring the funding and risk-management expertise of Barclays.

Image of container ships transporting UK goods.

January 2016

Barclays has launched a Strategic Partnership with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to support British companies exporting overseas, and overseas companies investing in Britain.

John Winter, CEO of Corporate Banking at Barclays, signs the agreement with Michael Ward, Director of Strategic Relationship Management at UKTI.

September 2015

Over the past decade, Sub-Saharan Africa has become much more open to international trade and investment. The inaugural Barclays Africa Trade Index aims to provide an informative guide to openness and opportunity across the region.

Image of ships carrying shipping containers waiting at port.

February 2015

“Risk is an emotive word that masks the value of uncertainty,” said Sir Ronald Cohen, the man known as the father of venture capital. But, as Barclays’ trade seminar highlighted, steps can be taken to mitigate risk and the rewards can make it worth the effort.

Image of two men at a shipping port with containers.

June 2014

For many, the term exports brings with it imagery of cargo ships. However, the UK service sector posted a trade surplus of £70 billion last year. Considering the government’s ambition to double the country’s exports to £1 trillion by 2020, it’s worth focusing on this story and how smaller businesses in the knowledge economy can be better supported to take their expertise overseas. This was the focus of Barclays’ latest international Trade breakfast, held in partnership with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Image of two people sat behind a laptop.

February 2014

Exporting is crucial to the future growth of the UK’s manufacturing sector; however developing a successful export strategy can, at times, appear daunting. ‘Tracking the export journey’ explores the insights and real-life examples of over 20 experienced manufacturers and highlights the key elements required when becoming a successful exporter.

Image of two business people walking in a shipping yard.

November 2013

Delegates at the CBI Annual Conference 2013 heard how companies can succeed in overseas markets and overcome barriers to international trade. So how can UK businesses develop an effective exporting strategy? Barclays attended the conference to get insights from the speakers and asked exporting experts for their best-practice advice.

David Cameron speaking at the 2013 CBI event sponsored by Corporate Banking at Barclays.

June 2013

When it comes to exports, finding suitable advice is a crucial step towards effectively managing the risks and capitalising on the rewards. Delegates at Barclays’ International Trade Breakfast, held in partnership with the UKTI, heard from the experts and companies already doing business overseas. Their experience offered insight into the dos and don’ts of expanding into fast-growth markets.

RD and client strolling on girder in front of ship.