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The economy

Access the latest articles and videos on the UK economy, Brexit, Europe and more financial and business news.

August 2018

The second phase of Brexit negotiations is underway, with the two sides progressing to discuss future arrangements.

July 2018

The warm UK weather brings a welcome boost to consumer spending, but with possible rising interest rates and the rising tide of protectionism, will it last? Henk Potts updates us.

April 2018

Predictions about the coming months, with some potential surprises ahead.

March 2018

Craig Martin, Senior Executive Advisor of the NeuGroup, discusses the bear market’s implications for treasurers.

March 2018

Following a series of major Brexit speeches, it’s the Chancellor’s turn in the spotlight with his Spring Statement.

March 2018

Hard facts: what the government, Labour and the EU agree on.

November 2017

Find out what the Autumn Budget means for the UK economy as well as your business.

November 2017

The Bank of England has announced the first rate rise in over a decade. What does this really mean for corporates and what might the future hold for UK interest rates?

June 2017

Over the past 10 years, treasury’s role in organizations continues to be more strategic, with treasurers and their departments taking on additional responsibilities.

June 2017

The clock is ticking. This week, even as the tremors from the startling General Election result continue to resonate, formal negotiations on Britain’s exit from the EU are launching on schedule.

June 2017

With the recent election resulting in a hung parliament, see our analysis of the Queen's speech at the State Opening of Parliament, and what this means for businesses like yours.

April 2017

While Article 50 is triggered, it is time for UK businesses to form new relationships with European partners – and the world.

March 2017

The Bank of England continues its overhaul of the UK currency with the launch of an updated and more secure £1 coin.

March 2017

Whether it is a national referendum like Brexit, a terrorist attack, or a currency devaluation, the consequences of geopolitical risk are extensive.

March 2017

As President Trump’s first month in office drew to a close, businesses and investors have been encouraged by a surprisingly bright outlook for the US economy.

January 2017

Barclays research reveals British business ‘steady as she goes’ in wake of EU referendum result, with uncertainty around Brexit the clearest risk to the economy.  

December 2016

Donald Trump’s victory to the 45th US president was a result that confounded expectations worldwide, even those of the Trump campaign itself. We consider what a Trump administration could mean for the global economy and political landscape, over the coming years.