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Technology and digital innovation

We answer the key questions you need to know around technology; from digital innovation in payments, to FinTech news, Blockchain, Big Data and more.

September 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most talked-about topics in business today.

September 2018

Open banking is coming, but what exactly will this mean for treasurers?

August 2018

Are you looking to understand the most important technological developments for business? In our series of innovation insights, our Director of Innovation explains the industry relevance of different technologies and trends.

July 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolution that will completely transform the payments landscape over the next decade.

April 2018

Hear from our experts as we launch our new series of insight videos, looking at the topics that matter to you.

April 2018

Predictions on the general themes and drivers that we expect to impact financial services.

February 2018

With developments in big data, open source software and cloud computing, we take a look at how artificial intelligence has evolved over the years.

December 2017

Technology has led to new phrases entering our vocabulary: the gig economy, flexible working.

October 2017

Virtual accounts: a convenient and efficient way to manage clients funds.

September 2017

It has nearly four centuries of history to its name, but now the introduction of cheque imaging is set to transform the speed and convenience of the humble cheque.

June 2017

Artificial intelligence is no longer about recreating the human mind. Read how financial services firms are getting smart by using AI.

May 2017

If you’re trying to understand what Blockchain is, you’re probably missing the point. The more important question is: what does Blockchain do, and how can we use it?

December 2016

From its inception in the summer of 1956, artificial intelligence (AI) has weathered several storms to now become one of the next major technology platforms with the potential to transform the wider economy. How does AI work in practice and what are its potential benefits for your business?

November 2016

Find out about how our online and offline shopping behaviours differ.

November 2016

This year’s annual conference brings together leading names from the worlds of business, politics and the media to discuss innovation, growth and prosperity in a world of disruption.

October 2016

Driverless vehicles - a new engine for economic transformation? The robotic fleet is set to transform industry, travel and the very shape of our communities.

August 2016

In 2015 over US$1bn was invested in Bitcoin, blockchain and associated technologies. Considering the significant investment this sector has been receiving, we look at how blockchain could be used by businesses.

May 2016

Innovations from disruptive FinTech companies are challenging traditional modes of cash management. Is your business equipped to cope in this changing environment?

Image of glass marbles on currency notes from Barclays Corporate Banking.

February 2016

Sean Duffy, Head of Technology, Media & Telecoms at Barclays, explores some of the challenges and support on offer to high growth businesses, including access to finance.

Image of Shazam logo.

July 2015

Find out why the technologies around Bitcoin, especially Blockchain, are making their way into boardroom discussions and what it means for your business.

Image of a collection of multi-coloured wires plugged into the back of a computer.

May 2015

One in five charities in the UK don't have facilities to accept online donations, despite 61% of these thinking that online donations will increase in the next three years. Explore the changing landscape of charitable donations in the UK and discover top tips for introducing digital donation facilities.

Image of Mobile phone being used to make a donation to charity, with Gift Aid.