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Business without borders

October 2017

We are living through an unprecedented period of change, driven primarily by the advancement of technology. Developments such as open banking and faster payments may be seen as merely laying the foundations for the second wave of digitisation. This is where technologies such as blockchain, the Internet of Things, APIs and artificial intelligence will completely redefine how businesses operate, creating many new growth opportunities.

In our latest Treasury Today report ‘Business without borders: treasury in the digital age' we explore this growing advancement in technology and analyse how it is impacting the way treasurers think about business, and what this may mean for the future of cash and trade.

Speeding up the payment cycle

The incoming changes being offered by PSD2 regulation in Europe has the ability to transform the European payments landscape beyond recognition.

Overcoming eCommerce FX headaches

In today's digital world, businesses do not wait to go global. Although this multinational presence and need to sell in local currencies does bring potential currency risks.

Pay as you go: business models of the future

Technology is a catalyst for change; however, with consumers demanding and driving new models of business, companies can no longer be resistant to this force of change.

The great leveller: payments systems for all

Is eCommerce driving payments innovation or is payments innovation driving eCommerce? For George Osborne, Innovation Director, it is the former.

Cybercrime: it can happen to you

Fraudsters continue to change and modify the way they attack a company’s payment systems. With systems becoming stronger, they are now focusing on the one potential weak link in the chain: The people themselves.