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Inclusive workplaces

Attract, enable and develop a diverse workforce

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At Barclays we know the value of attracting, hiring and retaining diverse talent and particularly disabled talent. That's because we recognise that a diverse workforce, one that better represents our customer base, is more likely to make the best decisions for our customers, challenge us to think differently and provide new perspectives on the way we do business.

Over the last few years we've been working to increase the representation of candidates with disabilities and whilst we're not experts, we do work with those who are and believe that we're continuing in the right direction. We are keen to share some of the things we've been working on and what we’re learning with our customers and clients so have pulled together a few highlights of the work we’re doing as well as links to resources and other organisations that we regularly utilise.

Read more about how we're trying to embrace accessibility and inclusion in our Disability Confident booklet PDF† (1MB) (opens in a new window).

Watch a short video about the experience of some Barclays colleagues who have a disability^ (opens in a new window).

Helping employers become disability-confident

Nearly one in five people have a disability of some kind in the UK – that’s over 11 million people (ODI)1. But fewer than half of people of working age with disabilities are employed. At Barclays we believe this represents a vital opportunity and untapped pool of talent that businesses could use to thrive.

Employable magazine^ (opens in a new window) is an insightful and inspiring publication that we created to explore ways we can all benefit from the motivation, talent and dedication of our colleagues with disabilities. It aims to make us think about new ways to increase employment opportunities, while building our confidence to become accessible employers. And, most importantly, it sets out to dispel myths around disability to demonstrate the rewards diversity can bring to a business.

You’ll be able to hear from those who fight for equal opportunities, discover real-life stories from those who live with disabilities and discuss the support both within businesses and for businesses. Plus you can access Employable in a range of accessible formats. To order a copy in braille, audio or large print please contact us at

Working with partners

Because we know we're not the experts, we regularly work with those who are. Our partners include the Business Disability Forum (BDF), the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Time to Change. Through our partners we learn more about how we can best support our colleagues and help to build new best practice across industry.

The BDF is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in creating disability-smart organisations in order to improve business performance by increasing confidence, accessibility, productivity and profitability. Barclays are proud to be a founding partner of the BDF and more recently of their sister organisation, Business Disability International, which aims to take their UK success globally.

Find out more about the Business Disability Forum (BDF)^ (opens in a new window)

Find out more about Business Disability International (BDI)^ (opens in a new window)

Find out more about the BDF Research paper on retaining & developing disabled talent^ (opens in a new window)

Time to change, Let's end mental health descrimination

Time to Change is a partnership between Mind and ReThink Mental Illness, and campaigns to end the stigma and discrimination that people with mental health problems face.

We’ve been working with Time to Change since 2013 to help us to better understand mental health issues in the workplace and to help steer our ‘This is me’ campaign (see below). In 2014, we signed the Time to Change Pledge- a commitment to tackling mental health stigma in the workplace.

Find out more about Time To Change^ (opens in a new window)

The Department of Work and Pensions Disability Confident campaign, launched in July 2013, aims to create more disability confident employers across the UK. We’re proud to be an original partner of the campaign. We hosted a number of round table events across the UK to explore the theme of disability confident employers and to share our experiences of becoming a disability confident employer ourselves.

Find out more about the DWP Disability Confident Campaign^ (opens in a new window)  

Inclusive hiring and attraction

Our Early Careers Programme embodies our approach to recruitment and the team here at Barclays have worked hard to increase the diversity of candidates applying to the programme. They've done this by working closely with disability charities and specialist recruitment companies including Great with Disability to reach audiences that would never have considered the Financial Services industry or who may have thought that we might not have employed them.

Our apprentice scheme has gone even further to demonstrate our commitment to diversity by providing some unique opportunities for candidates, including the chance to speak directly with colleagues already working at Barclays who may have a disability similar to theirs.

More information about our Early Careers programmes^ (opens in a new window)

Video still of a women on a phone

Watch a short video about the Barclays apprenticeship programme^ (opens in a new window)

We're also working hard to make sure we take what we're learning from our Early Careers programmes across all our recruitment channels across the organisation and across the world. An important aspect of this is providing role models from our organisation to tell their stories on our recruitment websites.

Workplace Adjustments

Our commitment to becoming more accessible and inclusive means that we must constantly improve the solutions that are provided to support colleagues with disabilities, health conditions or impairments who may require adjustments to their working environment in order to be productive and reach their full potential.

Types of adjustments may vary; physical adjustments may include specialist equipment (e.g. assistive software relating to dyslexia, or ergonomic furniture to improve work stations). Non-physical adjustments could be, for example, adjusting roles and responsibilities or performance targets and/or offering flexible working patterns or regular breaks.

At Barclays, practical advice and tools are available to colleagues so that they’re clear on the support available and how to get it. This includes extensive online help, a self-service requesting portal for workplace adjustments and an employee assistance helpline provided by our small HR workplace adjustments team.

Once Workplace Adjustments are in place, colleagues may choose to record the details on the Barclays Workplace Adjustments Passport. This is a living record of adjustments that can be retained by the colleague and their line manager and reviewed regularly. It can also be referred to when changing roles or reporting lines to help inform the new line manager about what adjustments are in place along with other relevant information.

See an example of the Barclays Workplace Passport PDF† (195KB) (opens in a new window)

See an example of the Barclays adjustments & considerations document PDF† (180KB) (opens in a new window)

The Clear Company is an organisation set up to support organisations to recruit more diverse talent and to provide resources to both organisations and individuals to help maximise diverse talent. They provide a number of engagement tools including Clear Talents which is a simple and robust way of supporting members of staff and candidates to define and communicate the information organisations need to make adjustments for them.

Information from Clear Company about Workplace Adjustments^ (opens in a new window)

Employee Networks

At Barclays, our diversity and inclusion strategy recognises the value of employee-led diversity networks and ‘Reach’ is our global, organisation-wide disability network. Membership of the network is open to all of our colleagues across the world whether they have a disability themselves, care for someone with a disability or just have a general interest in the agenda and want to support Barclays to become accessible and inclusive as possible.

The network seeks to increase awareness of disabilities and mental health issues across the organisation, provides personal development opportunities to colleagues with disabilities as well as acting as a conduit for feedback on processes, products and services. In the UK, the network runs a number of disability-specific forums for colleagues to share experiences and provide each other with support.

The network also leads and contributes to best practice externally through a number of forums including PurpleSpace - the UK's only leadership development and networking hub for disability network leaders.

This is Uzair image

Since 2014, the network has also been running our 'This is me' campaign which started life as a mental health awareness campaign but now also explores different areas of disability. 'This is me' has the simple idea of using real colleague stories to tackle the cultural silences and misunderstandings that exist around mental health issues and disabilities in the workplace. Through the campaign, over 160 colleagues have now shared their stories- many through our internal social media.

Watch some of the 'This is Me' stories^ (opens in a new window)

The campaign has seen huge success for Barclays in the UK and has been expanded into the Americas. In 2016, we jointly launched 'This is me - In the City' with the Lord Mayor of London's Power of Diversity programme to encourage other City based organisations to create their own versions of the campaign.

Find out more about PurpleSpace^ (opens in a new window)

Find out more about This is me – In the City^ (opens in a new window)

Student Initiatives

We work with disabled students in several of our locations with the goal of exposing them to careers in finance and helping them understand how they can leverage their skill set in a corporate setting. Where possible, we hire them into internship roles.

We collaborate with external disability-focused organizations or the disability offices of universities to source students to attend our events. In New York, we hold events in collaboration with Cornell University and the Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership. In Tokyo, we partner with the Tokyo Metropolitan Special Needs schools and in Singapore, we work with SG Enable.

Leonard Cheshire Disability logo

One of the initiatives we are proud to support in the UK is the Leonard Cheshire Disability Change100 programme. Change100 is Leonard Cheshire Disability’s flagship scheme of paid summer work placements for undergraduates & recent graduates with disabilities, kick-starting their careers by matching them to paid placements with prestigious employers.

Change100 gives businesses the opportunity to make the most of disabled talent and to be part of a movement that will positively change the employment landscape for disabled people across the UK. The scheme was shortlisted for the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2015 for the Best Diversity & Inclusion Initiative and winner of the RIDI Awards 2015 for the Best Overall Candidate Experience.

Find out more about the Change100^ (opens in a new window)

Read a case study about a Change100 placement at Barclays^ (opens in a new window)

Collaborative Efforts with other Companies

Barclays Singapore is a founding member of the SBNoD - Singapore Business Network on DisAbility, which is a community of cross-industry businesses in Singapore which meet regularly to share expertise, experiences, networks and resources to help advance the equitable inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of business and more widely.

The SBNoD focuses on the following areas:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Community engagement

In London, Barclays is part of the City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA). Like the group in Singapore, CMHA sees companies coming together to share best practices. In this case, the focus is on increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace and the crucial role that companies play in supporting their employees who experience mental illness and in reducing stigma associated with mental health conditions.

These collaborative efforts with other companies permit us to share best practices and learn from each other as we strive towards a common goal of greater inclusiveness in the workplace and beyond.

Find out more about the City Mental Health Alliance^ (opens in a new window)

Learn more about making your business accessible

Inclusive customer service
We have created various support tools to help understand the needs of customers with different disabilities.

Inclusive design
A general approach to creating new products and services that address the needs of the widest possible audiences.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing
Great things can happen when you work together with like-minded individuals and organisations.

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