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Transforming customer satisfaction

Loyal customers are hard won, but, in today’s fast-paced digital age, more easily lost than ever.

New channels and changing customer behaviour have transformed the way we find, buy, switch between and share experiences of products and services.

For businesses, this drives healthy competition and brings diversified revenue streams; for customers and clients, there’s greater flexibility as to how, where and when they access products and services.

We’ve created a range of thought leadership articles and podcasts to help organisations across the sectors:

  • get to grips with the business benefits of C-Sat
  • unlock the value of measuring C-Sat
  • overcome the challenges and make the most of the opportunities.


Creating a world-class C-Sat culture

Great customer satisfaction emerges from a corporate culture that is nurtured and driven from the top.

Putting CX on the map

Customer journey maps are a powerful tool for understanding customer behaviour and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why transparency matters for brand loyalty

Openness and authenticity are now critical to sustaining brand loyalty.

Why customers choose companies that care

Being a good corporate citizen is becoming essential to deliver customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

The Irresistible Rise of C-Sat

Customer satisfaction is rapidly emerging as the most important and powerful competitive advantage for successful businesses. From higher profits to increased productivity, an effective C-Sat strategy delivers straight to the bottom line.

The metrics of customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction may seem an elusive concept but it is critical to ensure sustained business success. We look at the tools and techniques that capture this behavioural data and turn it into powerful strategic insights.

The DNA of C-Sat champions

When it comes to customer satisfaction, there is a gap between the C-Sat superstars and the also-rans. We look at the traits that separate the best from the rest.

The next generation of C-Sat

Consumers in the digital era are becoming ever more demanding. The best C-Sat companies are raising their game not only to meet but to exceed their customers’ higher expectations.


Episode 1

What is C-Sat and why should businesses measure it?
In this podcast, we discuss the value of C-Sat as a metric – and how this and other measurements can be translated into continuous, practical improvements.

Episode 2

Is the DNA of companies that excel at C-Sat different?

We look at some of the common traits shared by businesses which have high levels of customer satisfaction and whether there are lessons that other organisations can learn from them.

Episode 3

The future of C-Sat

In this podcast, we discuss the future of C-Sat and where the opportunities and challenges lie for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Episode 4

Embedding a culture of customer satisfaction

We discuss the link between a company’s bottom lines and their C-Sat scores, and why C-Sat should be the responsibility of everyone in a company, including the board and the CEO.