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Managing your business

Learn how you can manage your business better with our research and insights on payments, accessibility, diversity and inclusion and more.

November 2018

Loyal customers are hard won, but, in today’s fast-paced digital age, more easily lost than ever. Learn how to unlock the value of measuring C-Sat in our series of articles and podcasts.

November 2018

The US economy continuing to demonstrate strong performance and ongoing Brexit negotiations dominates conversation.

October 2018

Hear from our experts on the role of financial institutions in society, green solutions, the role of ex-military in the workplace and latest developments in technology.

October 2018

The UK has made significant progress in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, yet stigma in the workplace is lagging behind. This article discusses the impact poor mental wellbeing can have on employees, and why employers need to move mental wellbeing to the top of their agenda.

September 2018

At Barclays, we have put in place a number of initiatives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Dynamic working is the flagship initiative of our multigenerational agenda, looking at flexible working arrangements for our colleagues.

September 2018

While the fundamental goals of treasury remain the same, there is much to be gained by embracing the opportunities of ‘next generation treasury’, rather than relying solely on tried and tested methods.

August 2018

An overview of new regulations and their business implications.

June 2018

We explain the PRIIPs regulation and what it means for clients.

June 2018

With a number of changes emerging in the European payments landscape over the next five years, we take a closer look at two recent regulatory updates that will impact the future of the industry, PSD2 and GDPR.

May 2018

Explore how efficient management of working capital can unlock cash for alternative uses.

April 2018

Cash although on the decline is still a major part of most businesses processes. Optimising these could lead to savings in both time and money, and all it takes is a few simple steps.

April 2018

How the government is using behavioural economics to drive corporate change.

March 2018

Companies are already benefiting from the levy but to maximise value, some teething problems must first be overcome.

March 2018

The governance of the UK payment systems will look dramatically different in 2018 – this article looks at the new payments architecture for the UK.

January 2018

View our short video to find out more on making FX payments and how to manage invisible FX.

January 2018

The apprenticeship is growing at a phenomenal rate; between 2010-15 almost 2.5m people started apprenticeships.

December 2017

Craig Martin, Senior Executive Advisor for NeuGroup, offers his predictions for the key issues for corporate treasury in 2018 in light of geopolitical and market trends.

December 2017

View our 3 minute video on the implications of MiFID II.

November 2017

Read our overview of some of the big issues facing employers - from technology to immigration.

October 2017

Low-value but high volume cross-currency payments can fall into the “black hole” in terms of price transparency. Our FX specialists explain how to identify and manage 'invisible FX’ transactions

September 2017

New data protection rules represent some of the biggest changes for a generation, but are not unmanageable, says our Head of Content Marketing.

July 2017

Corporates who trade overseas are often exposed to the changing value of currencies which can pose a risk to profitability. Our short video provides a high level introduction into the considerations to be taken into account when approaching your foreign exchange management strategy.

May 2017

A sector-by-sector overview of EU legislation that will apply in the UK before we leave the European Union.

February 2017

Managing the risk and efficiency of global supply chains is becoming an increasing focus for corporates. Barclays joined with Thomson Reuters to explore some of the issues including managing risk, ensuring effective delivery of goods and services, and releasing a key stream of working capital.

Image showing risk types in global supply chains

December 2016

We are currently living in an extremely volatile political world, with even a small event having the potential to shake up markets and the global economy entirely. What can treasurers do to strengthen and grow their businesses in these fragile times?

November 2016

Discover what the Modern Slavery Act requires of corporations and how it could impact your business.

September 2016

What can business leaders learn from the military when it comes to strategic decision-making? With 68% of staff not feeling confident enough to speak out if they believed a negative decision has been made there are big steps decision-makers can take.

September 2016

Investing in making your business more accessible isn't just a legal requirement, it can also help you tap into a market estimated to be worth up to £212 billion.

September 2016

Treasury and finance executives must constantly be aware of risks such as continued volatility in FX markets, counterparty risk in banking and cyber risk. But what else must be considered over the coming years?

September 2016

We take a look at the screening tools and techniques being used to monitor suspicious financial activity in efforts to reduce financial crime.

Image of computer circuit board

June 2016

The Apprenticeship Levy is coming, and applies to every business with a pay roll of over £3m. Read our article to find out what you need to know to prepare for the levy.

Image of a Barclays apprentice.

June 2016

Mike Thompson, Barclays Director of Apprenticeships, discusses how Barclays has embraced apprentices and how your business can make the most of the upcoming Apprenticeship Levy.

Image of Mike Thompson, Barclays’ Director of Apprenticeships.

May 2016

In an increasingly digital world, the payments landscape has never been more complex or fast moving. Our research reveals both consumer and merchant attitudes to payments today and in the future to help you choose the right systems for your business.

Image of barista accepting a payment.

April 2016

Whatever your industry or sector, we believe there are benefits to be gained by ensuring your business is as inclusive and accessible as possible. Here we share insight and resources from our own journey to build inclusion for customers and colleagues impacted by impairment, disability or health conditions.

Image of Adam Rouse.

April 2016

There are over 11 million people in Great Britain dealing with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability on a daily basis. Read our report to find out how you can make your business more accessible and inclusive for customers and colleagues, through best practice business case studies.

Image of a Barclays employee and a woman with a hearing aid sitting at a desk.

June 2015

For the second year running, Barclays is the headline sponsor of the Pride in London festival, and representatives from across Barclays discuss the importance of an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Image of crowd participating in the Pride in London celebrations, of which Barclays is the headline sponsor.

Instant payments: the industry’s next frontier?

April 2015

We take an in-depth look at both the challenges and the opportunities of the development of instant payments schemes, as well as the opinions of regulators, competition authorities and payment service providers.

Image of numbers on a building reflection.