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Outlook 2019

Our Industry and Regional Heads share their views on the outlook for businesses across different sectors in 2019. Scroll down to see our outlook for your Industry and Region.

January 2019

Industry 2019 outlook videos

Agriculture 2019 Outlook

Mark Suthern, Head of Agriculture, gives his outlook for the Agriculture sector for 2019.

Business Services 2019 Outlook

Mike Rigby, Head of Business Services, gives his outlook for the Business Services sector for 2019.

Charities 2019 Outlook

Nazreen Visram, Head of Charities, gives her outlook for the Charities sector for 2019.

Further Education 2019 Outlook

Richard Robinson, Head of Education, gives his outlook for the Further Education sector for 2019.

Financial Institutions Group 2019 Outlook

Phil Bowkley, Head of Financial Institutions Group, gives his outlook for Financial Institutions Group for 2019.

Healthcare 2019 Outlook

David McHattie, Head of Healthcare, gives his outlook for the Healthcare sector for 2019.

Hospitality and Leisure 2019 Outlook

Mike Saul, Head of Hospitality and Leisure, gives his outlook for the Hospitality and Leisure sector for 2019.

Local Authorities 2019 Outlook

Fraser Mackay, Head of Local Authorities, gives his outlook for the Local Authorities sector for 2019.

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics 2019 Outlook

Helena Sans, Head of Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics (MTL), gives her outlook for the MTL sector.

Media 2019 Outlook

Lorraine Ruckstuhl, Head of Media, gives her outlook for the Media sector for 2019.

Professional Services 2019 Outlook

Adam Groves, Head of Professional Services, gives his outlook for the Professional Services sector for 2019.

Real Estate 2019 Outlook

Dennis Watson, Head of Real Estate, gives his outlook for the Real Estate sector for 2019.

Retail & Wholesale 2019 Outlook

Ian Gilmartin, Head of Retail and Wholesale, gives his outlook for the Retail and Wholesale sector for 2019.

Social Housing 2019 Outlook

David Cassidy, Head of Social Housing, gives his outlook for the Social Housing sector for 2019.

Technology, Media & Telecoms 2019 Outlook

Sean Duffy, Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT), gives his outlook for the TMT sector for 2019.

Venture Capital 2019 Outlook

Tom Easterby, Head of Venture Capital, gives his outlook for the Venture Capital sector for 2019.

International, UK and Solutions

European Corporate Banking 2019 Outlook

David Farrow, Head of International Corporate Banking, gives his outlook for European Corporates for 2019.

International Corporates 2019 Outlook

Push Gumaste, Head of International Corporates, gives his outlook for International Corporates for 2019.

Midlands 2019 Regional Outlook

Ray O’Donoghue, Head of Midlands, gives his outlook for the Midlands region for 2019.

Northern 2019 Regional Outlook

Tony Walsh, Head of Northern, gives his outlook for the Northern region for 2019.

Scotland 2019 Outlook

Jamie Grant, Head of Scotland, gives his outlook for Scotland for 2019.

Wales 2019 Outlook

Karen Thomas, Head of Wales, gives her outlook for Wales for 2019.

Cash Management 2019 Outlook

David Shinkins, Head of UK Cash Management, gives his outlook for Cash Management for 2019.

Foreign Exchange 2019 Outlook

James Allan, Head of Corporate Banking Foreign Exchange, gives his outlook for FX for 2019.

Trade and Working Capital 2019 Outlook

James Binns, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, gives his outlook for Trade and Working Capital for 2019.

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