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Embracing disruption in the recruitment sector

June 2018

Technology is bringing massive changes, challenges and opportunities to the traditional recruitment business.

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the nature of jobs across many sectors. Recruitment companies should be striving to get in at ground level and be the ‘go-to’ organisation for the new jobs being created.

These disruptive technologies can also enable recruitment businesses themselves to spend less time on low-value work and focus on high-value activities. This frees up time for recruitment professionals to focus on understanding their clients’ needs and provide a differentiated candidate experience.

In addition, the enormous amount of personal data handled in recruitment raises another pressing issue for recruiters in the form of the new GDPR regulations.

Forward-thinking recruiters are blazing a trail to capitalise on these technologies. Some are increasingly ‘disrupting themselves’ by investing time and resources in understanding how technology can be of most value to their clients.

Those businesses prepared to engage people with the necessary skillsets to embrace and adapt to AI and other technologies will potentially open up completely new recruitment models. The rewards will be considerable for those that get it right.

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