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Example IBANs

European Member States and example of their IBANs

You must provide the beneficiary's IBAN and receiving bank SWIFTBIC (Bank Identifier Code) for all International Payments in Euros within the EU or European Economic Area (EEA) in accordance with European Directives.

Example IBANs in Electronic Format

Austria AT611904300234573201
Belgium BE62510007547061
Bulgaria BG80BNBG96611020345678
Cyprus CY17002001280000001200527600
Czech Republic CZ6508000000192000145399
Denmark DK5000400440116243
Estonia EE382200221020145685
Finland FI2112345600000785
France FR1420041010050500013M02606
Germany DE89370400440532013000
Greece GR1601101250000000012300695
Hungary HU42117730161111101800000000
Iceland IS140159260076545510730339
Ireland IE29AIBK93115212345678
Italy IT40S0542811101000000123456
Latvia LV80BANK0000435195001
Liechtenstein LI21088100002324013AA
Lithuania LT121000011101001000
Luxembourg LU280019400644750000
Malta MT84MALT011000012345MTLCAST001S
Netherlands NL39RABO0300065264
Norway NO9386011117947
Poland PL27114020040000300201355387
Portugal PT50000201231234567890154
Romania RO49AAAA1B31007593840000
Slovakia SK3112000000198742637541
Slovenia SI56191000000123438
Spain ES0700120345030000067890
Sweden SE3550000000054910000003
Switzerland CH9300762011623852957
United Kingdom GB54BARC20992012345678