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IBAN - International Bank Account Number

International Bank Account Numbers or IBAN is a bank account number in an internationally recognised format and is the standard format for account numbers issued within Europe.

IBANs are used for nearly all payments within Europe and their adoption in payments to countries outside of Europe is increasing, as more and more countries make their use mandatory. To ensure all parties involved in European cross-border payments gain the benefits of using IBANs, European directives were passed to enforce their use.

You must provide the beneficiary's IBAN and receiving bank SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code) for International Payments in Euros within the EU or European Economic Area (EEA) in accordance with the European Directives. The use of IBAN and SWIFT BIC is mandatory for SEPA Credit Transfers and cross border Euro payments within the EU/EEA.

You and your European trading partners may benefit from reduced charges for payments in Euros between EU/EEA countries if a valid IBAN and SWIFT BIC is quoted in your payment instruction.

When you are the beneficiary of a cross border payment from a EU/EEA country, as well as providing the payer with your IBAN you must also tell them your Barclays' SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code) e.g. BARCGB22 if your account is held with Barclays UK. The BIC tells the overseas remitting bank the Barclays address to receive your funds.

You will find your IBAN for your Barclays account on your bank statements. You can also use this site to generate an IBAN1 for your Barclays UK accounts.

We will not charge you for processing payments received from EU/EEA countries in Euros for €50,000 or less if they contain your IBAN and SWIFT BIC details.

There is currently no requirement to use IBANs for domestic payments in the UK.

For additional IBAN information please see the:

1 Please note: The SWIFTBIC and this IBAN generation tool cannot currently be used for accounts with Barclays Gibraltar and Cyprus - customers holding accounts in these locations should contact their account manager.