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Welcome to the Barclays.Net International Payments site

This site contains the following information which you may find useful when making an international payment:

  • Latest news - Refer to the site on a regular basis to keep up to date with changes that may affect you when making international payments (below).
  • Country and currency requirements - Please refer to specific requirements in relation to the country where you are sending your payment to, but also the currency which you are looking to send. This will help to avoid payment delays or returns.
  • General Information - Our General Information section brings together useful additional information you should consider when making an international payment.

Latest news:

Icelandic Krona (ISK): Reintroduction of Outward Payments

Barclays will be able to support outward FX payments in ISK from 8th May. This will apply to BI clients only. Currency accounts and inward payments have not been reintroduced due to a continued lack of liquidity in the ISK market. Please be aware, payments can also be made to Iceland in alternative currencies such as GBP, USD and EUR. The cut off time for ISK on Barclays.Net is 16.15 with day after next day value (T+2).

Published 8 May 2018

Russian Ruble (RUB): Important notice

Important: In order to comply with local regulatory requirements in Russia relating to all incoming tax payments, you are requested to start including the Transaction Type Code and the Regulatory Reporting Information.

Please find the below currency guide for more information.

Published 13 February 2018

Mauritanian Ouguiya (MRU): Important notice

Important: From the 1st of January 2018 the ISO code of Mauritanian Ouguiya is changing from MRO to MRU. Payments in this currency will not be supported from the 1st of January 2018 until further notice. 

Published 27 December 2017

Thai Baht (THB): Important notice

Important: In order to comply with local regulatory requirements in Thailand relating to all incoming payments, you are required to inform to your Barclays Relationship Manager for any inbound payment you will receive above 1 million THB 2 days before settlement. Failing to do this could result in your payment being rejected.

Published 21 July 2017

Colombian Peso (COP): Currency withdrawal

Important: Due to changes from our currency provider, Barclays will not support Colombian Pesos (COP) payment and FX facilities from the 9th of June.

Published 9 May 2017


    Content held on this site specifically relates to Barclays.Net customers making international payments from an account held in the UK (with Barclays). Customers using an alternative channel to make an international payment should refer to the specific information available for your channel. Please contact your Service Team for advice on the information available to you, and where you can access it.

    Legal Disclaimer

    The information in on this site is correct at the date of publication. It is intended as a general guide only. We recommend you obtain your own independent tax and legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

    You must ensure that both you and the person receiving the payment comply with any local and international laws in relation to the payment, including regulatory restrictions, exchange controls and tax obligations. You have sole responsibility for the management of your legal obligations and tax affairs, including making any applicable filings and payments and complying with any applicable laws and regulations, including in relation to taxation.