Public Sector

Having worked with the public sector for well over a decade, Barclays is committed to improving lives through financing social housing, education, government and local authorities.


The Future of Health and Care

The Future of Health and Care event heard from leading figures across the sector on challenges, opportunities and embracing new models and technologies.


Home Truths

We assembled a panel of experts with inside knowledge of serving diverse markets in the housebuilding sector. We looked at a range of factors in society which opens up a rich dialogue, on the latest industry thinking in the UK and overseas.


Client Story

University of Sussex

Barclays’ option dated forwards gave the University of Sussex the flexibility they needed to hedge their Euro currency risks effectively.

Client advantages

As well as a dedicated Relationship Director you will also have access to a variety of products and solutions. Click on the sectors below to find out more about how Barclays can support you.

  • Having been actively involved in social housing banking for over 15 years, we understand this sector’s challenges, opportunities and methods of working.

    Industry challenges and opportunities

    • Maintaining the credit quality of the sector while increasing house building volumes
    • Management teams be able to adapt to this fast paced, constantly changing market
    • Continued support of the sector with lending and backing through debt capital markets transactions
    • Efficiency improvements and increased security through digital innovation.

    We are committed to offering insight and financing to advance your activities. To support you on the ground, we have teams of relationship directors in London and Birmingham, and individuals working across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and South West England.

    Benefit from:

    • Regular events offering valuable opportunities to hear from and network with industry experts, funding advisors and professional bodies
    • A range of financing including social housing term loans, housing association funding and deposits and tenant benefit packages, plus a sector-specific debt finance team
    • Solutions to optimise your organisation’s financial structure, including cash pooling, corporate lending and risk solutions.

    Industry Contact:

    David Cassidy, Head of Social Housing.

    View David's LinkedIn profile.^

  • We are a leading banking partner to institutes of higher and further education.  We also work closely with charities, businesses and government bodies involved in education.

    Industry challenges and opportunities:

    • Introduction of an insolvency regime
    • Budget restrictions, and requirement to deliver a first class technical education system
    • The need for a responsive, flexible and connected education sector is key to the UK’s much needed productivity boost.
    • Integration of technology and the idea of a connected campus.

    With a strong regional network of educational banking and financing specialists, we can meet your day-to-day banking needs as well as providing funding and insight to support your longer-term strategic plans.

    Benefit from:

    • Regular networking events offering access to key industry figures and new sector contacts
    • Industry expertise drawn from working with UK further and higher education institutions, leading charitable independent schools and key educational bodies
    • A wide range of financing solutions, such as further education, schools and higher education banking, Barclaycard and specific project finance packages
    • Bespoke financing solutions covering cash management, corporate lending, financing and risk solutions.

    Industry Contact:

    Richard Robinson, Head of Education.

    View Richard's LinkedIn profile.^

  • Barclays established a dedicated team to work with local authorities over 15 years ago. We are now one of the leading lenders to the sector, offering industry expertise to government departments, public bodies, local authorities and embassies.

    Industry challenges and opportunities:

    • Pressure on budgets and finances
    • Costs of adult social care and children’s services
    • Up-skilling staff and embracing new technology, like AI and robotics, to improve services.
    • Efficiency gains from supplier payments to help cash flow.

    Our team of highly experienced UK relationship directors can work in partnership with you to deliver financing, investment and banking solutions that draw on expertise from across Barclays.

    Benefit from:

    • The peace of mind provided by Barclays’ strong financial position
    • A wide range of financing and investment products with streamlined set-up processes – from gilt dealing to savings products, plus deep experience in Eurozone and global sovereign debt markets
    • Extensive solutions to manage payment collections and manage a variety of risks.

    Industry Contact:

    Fraser MacKay, Head of Government and Local Authorities.

    View Fraser's LinkedIn profile.^

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