Barclays PIN Pad readers

This page contains additional information required to successfully install your new PIN Pad reader. Please follow all the steps below to ensure you benefit from the latest security and protection offered by this device.

In addition to these steps, you will also need to follow the instructions sent with any new or replacement smart cards. If you are also a Bacstel IP client, please contact your software provider to check whether your new PIN pad device is compatible before using it to access Bacstel IP.

Please ensure you follow the steps below to successfully install your new PIN Pad reader:

  1. Install the Gemalto eSigner software supplied (new users only)
  2. Install the latest drivers for your computer from the options below
  3. Follow the remaining activation steps required for your new device.

Step 1 - Gemalto eSigner software

The Gemalto eSigner software is required to use our online services. New users will be sent a copy of the software with their smart card or alternatively additional copies can be requested from the Client Service Team. If you are an existing user and already have the eSigner software installed, please go to step 2.

Step 2 - Installing device drivers

Windows users
You can download drivers for either a Windows 32-bit or 64 bit operating system. If you are not sure, please follow the instructions below to check whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit and then select the correct version of software. Alternatively, the Microsoft website will tell you which version of Windows you are using.

a) Open the Start menu, and click on All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information (this should take you to System Summary)

b) Within System Summary, go to System Type from the list in the item column. This should display either x86 or x64 in the value column:

  • x86-based PC - you will need the 32-bit† version of the drivers
  • x64-based PC - you will need the 64-bit† version of the drivers

Mac users
Lion and Mountain Lion users will need to download the Mac version of the drivers†. 

†You are about to download non-Barclays software. We recommend you check with your IT support before installing this software to verify its compatibility with your IT systems. Barclays is not liable if the software affects the performance of your computer(s) or other IT systems.

Step 3 - Remaining activation steps

If you are a new user, please refer to the welcome letter sent with your smart card to complete your set up/registration.

If you are an existing user and your current smart card PIN contains letters, you will need to change your PIN to ensure that it contains numbers only (and not letters). You will need to use a non PIN Pad reader to do this.

PINs can be changed using the Classic Client Toolbox as follows:

Windows users

  • Select Start on your Taskbar
  • Select All Programs > Gemalto > Classic Client > Classic Client Toolbox
  • Select Card Administration > PIN Management > Change PIN
  • Select Next
  • Complete the Current PIN and New PIN fields
  • Select Change PIN.

Mac OS X users

  • Select Finder from the Dock
  • Select Applications from the navigation menu on the left
  • Select the Gemalto folder
  • Select Classic Client PIN Management (alternatively search for ‘Classic Client’ using Spotlight)
  • Complete the Current/Temporary Secret Code and New Secret Code fields
  • Select Confirm Secret Code.

Returning your old readers (existing users only)

Any reader without a built in PIN Pad must be returned to us, including those that fit directly into laptops. Please return these to us using the Freepost address below:

Card Reader Returns
Barclays Bank PLC
Freepost NWW4404A
Octagon House
Gadbrook Park

Old style (non PIN Pad) card readers to be returned:
Please return any card readers that do not feature a PIN Pad. These readers can be clear or grey plastic and may vary slightly in design from the clear plastic example shown below.

Image of a card reader

Please note: the following PIN Pad readers are acceptable for use with Barclays.Net and Business Internet Banking and do not need to be returned:

Grey PIN Pad card reader

Image of a grey PIN Pad card reader

Black PIN Pad card reader

Image of a black PIN Pad card reader