Essential Internet Security Measures

In order to protect your PC and its data from the unwanted attention of "hackers" and other criminals, we strongly recommend that you adopt the following measures as a minimum before accessing our online products. Also read the other sections on this site by accessing the links on the left.

Browser/Operating System Security Updates

It is important to apply the security updates provided at regular intervals by the Browser\Operating System provider e.g. Microsoft. These updates are provided to address vulnerabilities which virus writers\hackers may exploit.

Anti Virus Program

Always install an Anti Virus Program and apply the regular updates available from the provider, as new viruses are developing all the time. You should carry out regular checks for viruses on all the files on your computer. Your anti-virus software will detect viruses and delete them. If you wish to use new data or software that you have bought or been sent by someone, always check it for viruses before loading it on to your computer. A reputable software supplier or IT supplier can provide you with advice about buying a good anti-virus program.

Spyware and Malware

To protect yourself from spyware and malware, install an anti spyware and anti malware program and apply the regular updates available from the provider. These may be part of an anti virus program suite or separate programs.


In order to protect your computer and information held on it from unauthorised remote access you should install a personal firewall.

Wireless Access

Whenever possible, you should use a wired network connection to access the Internet. If a wireless connection is used, you must ensure an Encryption Standard of WPA2 as a minimum to secure the wireless connection.