How we will contact

We will not

  • ask you to reveal your PIN
  • ask you to change your PIN
  • ask you for your password
  • send unsolicited emails containing links to other web pages
  • send unsolicited requests to download software
  • ask for your smart card number, except in response to a call from you to resolve a specific issue.

Contacting each other

  • We will contact you by post, telephone or electronically using the details you have given us (where we use the words “electronically” we mean any form of message made through any electronic service that we provide to you or by any telecommunications, digital or IT device (including the internet, email and SMS)
  • Certain forms of communication are not completely secure and you must take adequate precautions to ensure that others do not access, read or use your information without consent. We do not accept any liability for any interception of e-mails or SMS communications or interference with them by others
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that we have your current contact details and the correct details for your key personal that are authorised to access accounts and services on your behalf.