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We meet Shane Corstorphine, General Manager Americas, Skyscanner, to hear more about his ambition rapidly expand the business. 

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Shane Corstorphine, SVP, Growth, Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a travel search business based here in Edinburgh. What we do is, we help users find the best travel solutions for them. And probably the best prices too. We employ about 400 people, and we have about 30 million downloads.


Skyscanner was founded in 2001 by three founders. Then in 2007 they were supported by one of Europe’s most successful VC firms, and since then, it’s been really kind of hockey stick growth. And last year, Sequoia, one of the backers of Google, Linked In, Apple, decided to back us as well, which is a really great sign for the business going forward.


We moved our banking to Barclays half way through 2013. And since then they’ve been incredibly supportive of our business. As we grew very quickly, most of it is organic, but within there, there are complications as well. We have share schemes here. We’re trying to create liquidity for staff, so we did a big buy back during the year, and Barclays supported us with that.


They’ve also helped in the sort of, business development front, where they’re helping introduce us to other businesses that we might find of interest to meet with. And we’ve found this really valuable as well. The reason we moved to Barclays, I suppose was for a number of reasons.


But the most important reason, to me, is always relationship. It’s understand the people you are working with and the calibre of the person you’re working with as well. Our business is actually quite complicated. And if people can’t really understand and get under the skin, we’re always going to have a challenge. So for me, that was one of the most important reasons for moving to Barclays.


We really have to focus on being an all travel solution, and not just a flight solution. That’s a massive objective, but we believe we’ve got the platform to do it. We’ve got a great product, we’ve got a fantastic team here, so we think we can get there.

Skyscanner is a travel search business.

With offices from Edinburgh to Miami, Skyscanner is expanding rapidly.

As a complex, cutting-edge business, Skyscanner needs a financial partner with the knowledge and determination to match their ambition.

We have a true partnership with Barclays because they understand the complexities of our business and share our ambition.

Shane Corstorphine

General Manager Americas, Skyscanner

Understanding their vision enabled us to fund an equity release scheme, providing impetus to grow.

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