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As technological development dominates the industry, innovation is both critical and pivotal for businesses to stay relevant.

Founded in 1998, BBR Graphics first built a reputation for sourcing and supplying commercial printing presses and ancillary equipment. Yet as the printing industry began to struggle, BBR Graphics had to innovate or they were at risk of being left behind.

With the support of Barclays, BBR Graphics was able to successfully turn their threat into an opportunity and proceeded to expand internationally. With an initial trade facility of around £400,000, which now stands at £3m, it is a clear indication that this is an industry where returns can be impressive but the costs are high.

It’s a higher risk area but there is more opportunity, and it’s great to have the backing of Barclays as we take the company forward in this way.

BBR Graphics


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Client Story


Partnering with UK Export Finance, Barclays was able to help Mechatherm use a Bond Support Scheme to fulfil its commitments and secure a contract with Alba.