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We meet Ali Smeaton, Director of Morphsuits to find out how his business idea came about and how Barclays is supporting his ambition.

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Ali Smeaton, Director, Morphsuits
When people think of Scotland they often think of tartan. It's iconic, It's part of our heritage. Well, tartan isn't the only textile export we are famous for.

Morphsuits is our fancy dress business based here in Edinburgh, in Scotland. Our sole aim is to create costumes that make you the life and soul of the party. We started back in 2009 with 4 colours of polyester spandex Morphsuits and from there we've been able to grow a brand around that and build a serious business with serious ambitions around really fun products.

Paul McAuslan, Director, Corporate Banking
The team at Morphsuits are very committed and focused. The markets they operate in change quickly. They've been a big adopter of online. Barclays have been able to support them and support the evolution of the business. In the early years Morphsuits won a big trade order from one America's largest retailers and they needed finance to support the working capital. Barclays were able to provide that finance.

Ali Smeaton
Barclays has always, since day one been a really important partner for Morphsuits, its a very seasonal business that we have and we place our large orders in March and April which has a huge cash drain on the business so Barclays help us fund that through to our major selling period of Halloween in October.

Barclays will definitely be a part of our future and a bank that understands the business, which is what we've got.

Paul McAuslan
It's great to see a company like Morphsuits succeed. They are Entrepreneurs who have taken something from quite a small business and grown it to something sizeable so it's fantastic to feel that Barclays is a part of that.

Ali Smeaton
I'm really happy and proud of what we have achieved over the last nine or ten years and excited to see what we can do in the next nine or ten.

End transcript.

Morphsuits is a fancy dress business based in Scotland, where the sole aim is to create costumes that make people feel the life and the soul of the party.

Founded in 2009 as a result of post university gatherings with a fancy dress theme, Ali was increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of costumes available.

Our Relationship Director understands our business, our vision. I respect his knowledge of our sector, and of relevant other sectors. He’s a great support.

Ali Smeaton

Director, Morphsuits

With markets changing quickly, and a seasonality to the product, there are cash-flow challenges that Barclays has helped Morphsuits to navigate.

Having supported Morphsuits from day one, Barclays has watched the rapid growth and evolution of the business, including their desire to trade internationally.

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