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Building a strong foundation

We meet Graeme Macdonald, CEO of JCB, to find out the key to a partnership that has lasted over 70 years.

With 22 plants worldwide, equipment manufacturer JCB needs an agile financial partner – one it can rely on whatever the conditions in international construction markets.

Over the course of a relationship spanning more than 70 years, Barclays has helped JCB lay the foundations for expansion - managing payments globally, providing export funding, and delivering local banking services in Europe.

In an ever-evolving industry, our relationship has stretched over decades.

Graeme Macdonald


Innovation is at the core of JCB’s business, with the company launching new products each year.

With a deep understanding of JCB and the manufacturing industry, Barclays has provided solutions and services that match JCB’s desire to keep creating ever-better products for its customers. 

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For over a decade, Barclays has provided dedicated expertise across the whole value chain for these key UK industries.

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