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We meet Simon Spinks, Managing Director of luxury bed manufacturer Harrison Spinks, to find out about his ambition to innovate and seek out new markets.

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Simon Spinks, Managing Director, Harrison Spinks


Simon Spinks
Well, Harrison Spinks are a high end bed manufacturer, here in Yorkshire, in Leeds.


We’re obsessed with comfort. So lots of development work goes into trying to make our beds more comfortable, better performing than, than the competition. Some of our very small, innovative pocket springs have found their way into lots of other products around the world. Car seating and footwear, as well as furniture and other manufacturer’s beds.


So the fantastic opportunities we’ve got with our technology, are on an international scale. And now, for us, really it’s a concentration on the right markets.


It’s good to have someone who knows your business, who knows where you’re trying to go. Barclays get it. That’s the truth. They actually allow you to move forward in that sense.


Our relationship director’s been with us for, numerous years, and that relationship is growing now, as our business grows. The knowledge that Barclays provide is extensive. Covering manufacturing, but also, obviously, the banking services that they can offer. Being an international bank, with all that experience, it’s really useful for us now, to tap into that.


We feel really confident that our relationship director will help us, of where the business is going. Plans going forward are as big as our imagination. Barclays will be there for us, as we move from being a UK high end mattress manufacturer, to being a business that works in a global sense. And that makes our relationship so important.



Luxury bed manufacturer Harrison Spinks fills mattresses with hemp and wool from its own farm.

Harrison Spinks is thriving despite a challenging economic environment, by innovating and seeking out new markets.

The company has continued to expand by applying its innovative spring technology to new products such as baby mattresses, footwear and automotive seating.

It’s good to have someone who knows your business and where you’re trying to go.

Simon Spinks

Managing Director, Harrison Spinks

Barclays is helping Harrison Spinks to grow by meeting their corporate banking needs and FX requirements.

Harrison Spinks is benefiting from Barclays’ international scale and is tapping into our knowledge of the manufacturing industry.

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