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We meet Mark Phillips, Sales Director, to find out how Barclays has been supporting Express Bi-Folding Doors to continuously invest in the business.

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Mark Phillips, Sales Director, Express Bi-Fold Doors:

Express is a family run business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and we manufacture bi-folding door and sliding door systems. The Company was set up by father and son team, Steve Bromberg Senior and Steve Bromberg Junior. When we started the business we started off with three people, the two owners and one employee. Today we employ over 200 people nationwide. Our first financial year we turned over £1.2 million and then, year on year, from that we've seen double digit growth and today we are a £24 million turnover business.

Jon Lowe, Relationship Director, Barclays:

Express's growth has been phenomenal, they've grown on the fact that they've got a quality product and a strong team. Growing at such pace can cause problems, if you're not on top of the cash flow of a business and cash runs out, that could become a terminal event for a company. And managing the cash to make sure from a liquidity point of view you've got enough ability to weather any storms and be flexible.

Mark Phillips:

As we've grown we've seen the transition for Express from business banking to corporate banking and that's allowed us to develop a strong relationship with Barclays so that they fundamentally understand the wants and needs of our business.

Jon Lowe:

We are a relationship bank and it's the relationship with our customers that's the lifeblood of what we're all about. We're not here to simply to sell products and lend money, those are the easy things. It's the softer things that we can do really, really well. I've been looking after Express for almost 2 years now, ultimately I am the conduit into the wider Barclays group of companies and if there are any pinch points from a cash flow point of view, we'll take those away, we'll find a solution and come back with an answer.

Mark Phillips:

Barclays have shared our vision and supported us and that has allowed us to reinvest into the business continually over the last ten years. We've taken advantage of asset finance to invest into machinery for the factory, over 45% of our transactions are with Barclaycard we've even taken a mortgage as well as the option for an overdraft facility.

Jon Lowe:

I'm not here for a quick win, I'm here for the long term. The future looks really exciting for Express and I'm confident and keen that Barclays plays its part and that we'll strengthen the relationship moving forward.

Mark Phillips:

Having them by our side every step of the way is absolutely key for our strategy as they understand our business intimately and can support us with our growth and expansion plans for the future.

Established in 2007, Express Bi-Folding Doors is a family owned business, set up by father and son.

Since inception, the company has grown from three employees to over 200 people nationwide.

Growth at such speed can cause challenges, and managing cashflow to remain flexible is key.

Barclays fundamentally understands the wants and needs of our business.

Mark Phillips

Sales Director, Express Bi-Folding Doors

Barclays provided financial services that allowed Express to continuously invest in the business.

And a shared vision has enabled Express to stay agile, benefitting from every window of opportunity.

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