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We meet Marcus Whately and Max Aitken, Co-CEOs of Estover Energy to find out how they are looking to tackle climate change.

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With a vision to combat climate change, Estover develop large-scale biomass-fuelled power plants generating low carbon, sustainable renewable energy.

A leader in the conception, design, development, engineering and management of these power plants, Estover’s challenges to a finance partner are highly varied and complex.

It was important for us to have a team who put in the time to understand what we were trying to do. The challenge was that no one had done this before.

Marcus Whately

Co-CEO, Estover

Utilising specific industry expertise across a wide number of teams, Barclays took the time to understand these multifaceted projects, providing specialised finance solutions and products.

The energy that all parties apply to the success of these projects will help power local industries and homes for many years to come.

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