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We meet Alex Hill, COO and CFO, AEG Europe, to find out how the business is utilising products from across the Barclays Group.

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Alex Hill, COO and CFO, AEG Europe:

AEG is a leading entertainment and sports provider across the world. It works in five different continents, we own and operate 100 plus different venues, including The O2 Arena, the world’s most popular music and entertainment venue. We chose Barclays because they’re an industry expert, they have strong in-depth knowledge of leisure and entertainment. They also have strong financial discipline and at the main part of it is a great relationship capability.


Mike Saul, Managing Director, Hospitality and Leisure, Barclays:

In the nine years we’ve been working with AEG, we’ve seen them grow significantly. We took a very early stage participation in their banking and we’ve seen it grow into the excellent business that it is today.


Alex Hill:

Barclays support us in many different ways. Helping us raise finance, helping us in foreign exchange, helping us in customer payment technologies.


Mike Saul:

We’re actually a gateway for different parts of the bank, so we help Barclays’ wealth, the retail division, our financial markets team are involved and we in corporate are involved in helping grow the business.


Alex Hill:

The Barclays corporate relationship has really helped us understand other parts of Barclays. We have millions and millions of transactions each year with all of our fans and to know that these are done in a secure manner and in the most innovative way and in a customer friendly way is really important to us. They understand our business and that also enables them to bring in parts of their functional expertise, so we’re using the likes of ‘Pingit’ to be able to provide secure methods of customer payment technologies.


Mike Saul:

Our job is to involve with them with new digital solutions. They’ve launched an app last year, our job as a bank is to try and embed our payment services within that app and so we’re working with lots of new innovation to make that as efficient as possible.


Alex Hill:

The Barclays life skills program has really helped us as well. They bought along a number of great work experience people, in fact they’re so good we’ve started employing them ourselves. The great thing about working at AEG is the fact that you get to see the fans really delighted. When they come in to see a concert and they see their favourite artist playing it really lights up their eyes and that’s a great thing to be a part of.

AEG Europe is a brand leader in world-class sports, music and entertainment.

With commercial interests across the UK, including the world-famous venue The O2, they need a financial partner who understands the complexity and diversity of their businesses.

We’ve valued the longevity and continuity of our relationship.

Alex Hill

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, AEG Europe

Barclays delivers everything from the provision of finance, trade facilities and cash management, to the introduction of contactless payment technology.

The breadth of services available from across Barclays enables AEG to focus on growth and building a record-breaking business.

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