AEG Europe

A record-breaking business

We meet Alex Hill, COO and CFO, AEG Europe, to find out how the business is utilising products from across the Barclays Group.

AEG Europe is a brand leader in world-class sports, music and entertainment.

With commercial interests across the UK, including the world-famous venue The O2, they need a financial partner who understands the complexity and diversity of their businesses.

We’ve valued the longevity and continuity of our relationship.

Alex Hill

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, AEG Europe

Barclays delivers everything from the provision of finance, trade facilities and cash management, to the introduction of contactless payment technology.

The breadth of services available from across Barclays enables AEG to focus on growth and building a record-breaking business.

Industry expertise

Hospitality and Leisure

In a highly competitive sector, Barclays' hospitality and leisure specialists provide proactive strategic, banking and financing support.


Open all Hours

Our calculations reveal the total potential out-of-hours opportunity for the Hospitality and Leisure sector: extra revenue of some £6.75bn.

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