Why choose Barclays Corporate Banking?

Barclays’ industry knowledge and international expertise, coupled with our digital innovation, can support your business realise new possibilities. Contact our dedicated switching team today.

Industry expertise

Sector-specific Relationship Directors offer in-depth knowledge of your market and understand the challenges and opportunities faced by your industry.

Global network

Our dedicated experts can help support your cross-border operations. We provide world-class solutions, insight and support – wherever you need.

Best of Barclays

Through your Relationship Director, you can access Barclays’ capabilities across markets – from investment banking to transaction banking to Barclaycard payment solutions.


We’re at the forefront of digital thinking to simplify your banking – saving you time, keeping you in control, and transforming how your organisation can do business.

What our clients say

There were many people saying that this business was doomed to failure and wouldn’t succeed, it’s a real credit to Barclays that they saw the potential in the business.


They’re very good at thinking outside the box and putting people together.


Barclays commitment to looking at the needs of disabled people and people with accessibility issues has been critical to our relationship.


Innovation is at the heart of what Barclays are doing. Having that recognition that Barclay’s were behind us meant our customers could trust that as well.  


One of the key things that Barclays does for our business is help us fund our large export business.


They have a fantastic set of products to support our business and we’re a truly global business.


They provide on a global basis, which is very important to us, real innovative financial solutions.


We sell our crisps in 39 countries, we will rely upon Barclays for help with that international growth.  


They understand our working capital cycle really well and they understand trade finance beautifully.


There’s a dynamic dialogue going along whereby they understand the kind of products that are going to work for us.


They understand our business intimately and can support us with our growth and expansion plans for the future.


One of the things we worked really well on together was developing our renewable energy business at a time when the technology was unproven. All the cheese that we make here in Somerset is made using our renewable energy.


Ensuring that our business is successful and sustainable into the future is very, very important.


The amount of charging infrastructure we’ve got to build to enable the mass adoption of electric vehicles is, is immense.


On that journey towards becoming the global leader in, air pollution control I think Barclays will play a very important role. 


I really mean it when I say no one else could have done it.

See how Barclays is helping corporate clients across all sectors realise their ambition and further their potential.

Alistair Currie, Head of Corporate Banking

Barclays Corporate Banking is more than just transactional. We’re dedicated to building deep working relationships and taking the time to really understand your business. We’re at our best when we’re helping you to leverage new trends, enter new markets and effortlessly run your day-to day. We’re here to support your business success.

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