Bottling up the passion

We meet Richard Westwood, Managing Director, Marston’s Beer Company, to find out how they share a vision of excellence with Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

As the world’s biggest brewer of cask beer, brewing began back in 1875 in Wolverhampton by John Banks of the original Banks’s brand, just two years before Wolverhampton Wanderers FC were founded.

Expedential growth and the acquisition of Marston’s in 1999 enabled the company to own six breweries and sell one in four premium bottled beers in UK supermarkets.

Having the support of a partner such as Barclays is absolutely fundamental in the growth of the business

Richard Westwood, Managing Director, Marston’s Beer Company

With a relationship extending over 100 years, Barclays has given Marston’s the confidence to push ahead with vital projects over the tenure of the relationship.

A big player with a local background, the company employs 14000 people and has a turnover around £1.2bn

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