Supporting Economic Growth

Alongside financing, sector-specialist insight and day-to-day banking and trading solutions, we work closely with government bodies to create an environment in which trade, innovation and enterprise can flourish.

Serving the needs of both UK and international businesses with an annual turnover of over £6.5 million, Barclays Corporate Banking sits at the heart of the UK economy.

As the long-term banking partner of mid-sized to multinational businesses, we support industries ranging from retailers to manufacturers, tech companies to hospitality and leisure operators. We are also one of the largest long-term lenders to the UK public sector, supporting colleges, universities and social housing projects.

We process about 3 billion payments a year to help keep UK business moving. Every quarter, around 9,000 UK exporters look to Barclays to help them transact securely and reliably overseas.

By integrating corporate banking with investment banking, we can combine clients’ day-to-day banking needs with large-scale financing to support their long-term ambitions. From mergers and acquisitions to taking companies public, we accompany our corporate clients at every stage of their evolution.

  • Barclays supports businesses seeking to expand internationally, from multinationals seeking new markets and managing transactions across different time-zones and currencies, to enterprises looking for support with their trade strategy. Our specialists are on hand to help you with a full suite of banking services, so that you can make the most of the global marketplace.

    Exporting is GREAT

    At Barclays, we are committed to working with the UK government (great.gov.uk^) to support UK businesses and their trading ambitions, from providing access to finance to offering the expertise of our teams of product specialists.

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    Supporting reference

    Supporting UK Exporters

    At Barclays, we are committed to working with the UK Government to support UK businesses and their trading ambitions.

    • Our collaboration with FinTechs through Barclays Rise (Europe’s largest FinTech accelerator), together with our Accelerator network already launched in London, New York and Tel Aviv.
    • Our innovative digital solutions
    • Specialised products tailored to meet the needs of specific industries
    • Regular industry and economic thought leadership together with national and regional events, bringing businesses together to share ideas.
  • You may be introducing energy or resource-efficient features into your business. Or you are focused on innovating green products or services. In either case, Barclays provides an array of specialist financing to support your plans.


    Green Solutions

    See how you can realise your company's environmental and sustainable ambitions with flexible funding from Barclays Green Solutions.

  • Barclays is committed to upskilling millions of people and driving job creation. We build connections across both sides of the employment gap: as well as providing people with the key skills they need to get into work, we facilitate access to job opportunities and support entrepreneurs to create jobs.


    Through Barclays LifeSkills, we provide educational resources, online activities, events and work experience opportunities to help prepare for entering the world of work. So far, the free programme has helped more than 6.7 million young people gain confidence and motivation, as well as key employability skills.

    Connect with Work

    Barclays Connect with Work provides people, from often overlooked communities, with work skills and connects them to businesses that are recruiting, including Barclays clients and suppliers.

    Unreasonable Impact

    Unreasonable Impact is the world’s first international network of accelerators focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions that will employ thousands worldwide while solving some of our most pressing societal challenges.

  • In challenging times, we look to offer a range of financing solutions to support businesses and their plans for growth.

    Our £14 billion lending fund is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) – the backbone of the UK economy – plan for the future and invest in growth.

    We focus on supporting the communities in which we operate, through for example our partnership with the Northern Powerhouse. This is an initiative that aims to bring together cities and towns of the north of England and Wales to create an economic powerhouse. It relies on essential funding from the government and a network of partners – including us – to help ensure the North is the right place to grow a business.  We support similar schemes in other regions, including the Midlands Growth Fund.

    We work with the British Business Bank to offer guarantee loan schemes, enabling us to lend to customers who may otherwise be unable to access debt.

    We are also a founder shareholder in the Business Growth Fund, the UK’s leading provider of long-term equity investment to SMEs.

    We are a British bank that is dedicated to the United Kingdom. We will do whatever we can to help our customers and our clients deal with the adjustments that invariably will come because of the Brexit vote.

    Jes Staley

    Group CEO, Barclays

    Client benefits

    Barclays and the Premier League

    Barclays is proud to have been an important Premier League football partner since 2001/02. The partnership has supported many of our businesses around the UK and internationally.


    Corporate Lending

    If you want to recapitalise, refinance, consolidate your debt or finance a new project or acquisition, we offer a range of debt products to help your business.


    Asset Finance

    Whatever vehicles, equipment or machinery you need to realise your business ambitions, Barclays offers a range of flexible purchase, lease and hiring solutions to manage capital outlay and optimise your cashflow.


    The Great British Staycation

    The Great British Staycation is in fashion - and the effects are rippling through communities and businesses.

  • Whatever your industry or sector, we believe there are benefits to be gained by ensuring your business is as diverse, inclusive and accessible as possible.

    Like many organisations, we have a long history of respecting and implementing legal frameworks such as the Disability Discrimination Act, or Building Regulations. However, in recent years we have found that it pays to move beyond a ‘tick the box’ mentality, and actively seek out new and innovative ways to remove historical barriers and allow ease of access to all –often with surprising and positive results.

    Using our own journey as the starting point, we want to promote the value to our clients of developing an inclusion strategy and the value it can bring to business and society as a whole.

    Client Benefits

    Diversity and inclusion

    Discover how Barclays Corporate is supporting diversity and inclusion.

    Public Ambition

    At Barclays, we have an ambition to become the most accessible and inclusive FTSE100 organisation. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we believe it delivers better outcomes for our customers, clients, colleagues – and society as a whole. This approach ensures that we continually reframe the issues and opportunities as technology and society evolves.

    Purple Pound

    Far from being about charity, we believe that creating inclusive environments and experiences is fundamentally great for business. We want to support clients in tapping into the UK’s ‘Purple Pound’, estimated to be a £265bn opportunity, by ensuring that you can cater to the needs of consumers. We work with experts to understand the specific opportunities for key client sectors.


    Unlock the Purple Pound

    At Barclays, we seek new and innovative ways to help businesses remove barriers to ensure an inclusive customer experience.

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