Disney: Diversity and inclusion

Find out how Barclays client network, Spectrum, supports Disney in creating value from inclusion in their businesses.


It’s really important that we explain to the outside world what Barclays stands for and how it contributes to the community, and so that kind of created a bit of fuel, if you like, to try and scale what has become Spectrum Client Network. 


What we have tried to encourage companies to explore is, different ways that they can make their LGBT network relevant to the colleagues, community and clients of those organisations.


It’s success but with a purpose, it’s not just about winning something, it’s about achieving something that makes you feel fulfilled.


Gosh, the Spectrum Gala Dinner, it is the event that takes a year to plan. The dinner has really been positioned to amplify the voice for everybody there and the organisations supporting.


So specifically on Disney, that organisation came out and said ‘Being gay is ok’. It’s very important for us to help our company move the overall diversity and inclusion agenda forward. 


James gave us some really good advice and started making connections for us to different areas at Barclays, which has been really helpful, that’s been one of the great ways that we’ve been able to build our Pride group. 


So ultimately Barclays will benefit from that, but it does come through the sale of that type of information, it comes through helping others achieve their goals and then we hope that Spectrum Client Network will prosper.

Barclays and The Walt Disney Company are passionate advocates of workplace inclusion. 

We talk to James Allan from Barclays, to hear about the role and importance of employee networks in promoting diversity.  

Watch the video to find out how our client network, Spectrum, supports clients in creating value from inclusion in their businesses.

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