Diversity and inclusion

Whatever your industry or sector, we believe there are benefits to be gained by ensuring your business is as diverse, inclusive and accessible as possible.


Like many organisations, we have a long history of respecting and implementing legal frameworks such as the Disability Discrimination Act, or Building Regulations. However, in recent years we have found that it pays to move beyond a ‘tick the box’ mentality, and actively seek out new and innovative ways to remove historical barriers and allow ease of access to all – often with surprising and positive results.

Using our own journey as the starting point, we want to promote the value to our clients of developing an inclusion strategy and the value it can bring to business and society as a whole.

Public Ambition

At Barclays, we have an ambition to become the most accessible and inclusive FTSE100 organisation. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we believe it delivers better outcomes for our customers, clients, colleagues – and society as a whole. This approach ensures that we continually reframe the issues and opportunities as technology and society evolves.

Discover how Barclays is supporting diversity and inclusion

Client benefits

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Client benefits

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