Business Internet Banking

Business Internet Banking puts you in control of your business finances with continuous day and night access*, anywhere in the world†.
Business Internet Banking offers you freedom and flexibility, together with the assurance that your finances are protected by one of the most secure identification systems available.

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Access the same service anywhere in the world
You can access Business Internet Banking anywhere you can access the internet¹, providing you have installed the security software. You can access Business Internet Banking from multiple locations, and payments can be generated in one location and approved in another.
Real-time updates
Business Internet Banking displays real-time balance and transaction information on all UK-based Barclays business accounts, so you have up-to-date information at your fingertips.
Comprehensive functionality
With Business Internet Banking you can:

  • view balances and transactions on all UK-based Barclays business accounts
  • make UK three day or same day payments
  • make currency/international payments/SEPA credit transfers
  • make inter-account transfers
  • import or export data in a wide range of formats
  • allocate access rights to specific users to ensure maximum control including the ability to restrict access to certain payments, such as salaries
  • view a complete audit trail of all activity.

Our security solution is one of the most secure available.

Our Business Internet Banking Security User Guide (in PDF format¹) will provide you with further details of the security features of Business Internet Banking. You may also want to refer to our security section for information.

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*Subject to scheduled maintenance periods.
†Subject to encryption laws in some countries.
¹Software Requirements