Foreign Exchange

Managing foreign exchange exposures has always been a complex and challenging task for businesses of all types. The Risk Solutions team has a range of FX products to help you with this.

Leverage Barclays experience and capability as the third largest foreign exchange bank by global market share1
Gain access to Barclays' FX research with insights and commentary indices, analytical tools and reporting

How it supports your business

  • Provides a range of products to reduce the risk of exchange rate volatility, including FX options, and spot and forward FX contracts to help you to lock in or maximise margin
  • Our dedicated sector professionals can work with you to offer a range of solutions that can proactively address your business’ FX requirements
  • Through our online self-service dealing platform, you can receive real-time tradeable exchange rate information, giving you the flexibility to transact FX and place single and multiple money market deposits over variable terms for a wide range of currencies
  • Supports you when selling products online in different currencies

Forward Transactions

A commitment to sell or buy a specific amount of currency at a fixed exchange rate on a future date.

Spot Transactions

Allow you to buy or sell a specific amount of foreign currency at a specified exchange rate, for settlement in two working days.

FX Options

FX Options can provide greater flexibility than a forward contract and as such may form a valuable part of your approach to managing your foreign exchange exposures.

Important information

The products referred to in this webpage are subject to separate terms and conditions.

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1Euromoney Foreign Exchange Survey 2012

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